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  • Etched Canadian Flag Copper Spartan Helmet Pendant

    Etched Canadian Flag Copper Spartan Helmet Pendant

    Would you like to represent your country at your next race? If you are like many racers you like to hang around after the race and meet people so why not be wearing a Spartan helmet while mingling amongst the crowd?

    Here is a handmade copper spartan helmet . The flag is hand drawn on 16 gauge copper sheet and then etched in copper sulfate for 2 1/2 hours, after the etching i draw the outline of the helmet on the flag and cut it using a jewelers saw. I use liver of sulfur to patina the copper to give it an antiqued look and polish the flag so it stands out.
    The patina is sealed with permalac satin lacquer which is very durable but there is nothing that will keep the patina from eventually wearing off. If wearing the pendant while working out some peoples sweat contains a high amount of salt which can also break down the sealant and patina prematurely.